Vacuum Clamping Technology

Vacuum clamping technology allows workpieces of all kinds to be clamped before they are processed on CNC machines. A distinction is made between clamping solutions for wood working and clamping solutions for metal, plastic or glass processing.

Thanks to many years of partnership with well-known machine manufacturers, Schmalz has a lot of expertise in clamping and setting up a wide range of machining centers.

In addition to clamping on machines, Schmalz also offers a manual solution for small and medium-sized workpieces.

Vacuum clamping technology from Schmalz
Clamping solutions for manual machining


Vacuum Clamping Technology for Wood Working

Schmalz equips console table systems as well as grid table and flat table systems with vacuum clamping technology. For systems from all common manufacturers, Schmalz offers a broad product portfolio of vacuum blocks and replacement suction plates. Even narrow and curved workpieces can be processed reliably using mechanical clamps or the Adapter-Plate.

Vacuum Clamping Technology for Metal and Plastic Processing

With the Matrix Plate from Schmalz, non-magnetic workpieces made of aluminum, for example, can be clamped without any problems. Under high holding forces, flat and thin components can also be processed reliably and without distortion. The Innospann Steel-Plate can be mounted on the Matrix Plate, on which in turn vacuum blocks from Schmalz can be placed. This not only increases the holding force, but also significantly reduces set-up time.


Vacuum Clamping Technology for Glass Processing

Vacuum clamping technology for glass processing requires low wear and precision under the most challenging operating conditions. Thanks to the quick-change system SQC, new, non-worn suction cups can be quickly and easily attached to machine tables with screwed-on suction cups. For flat tables, the vacuum block VCBL-GL, which can be replaced without tools, is recommended. With the Innospann flat table system, Schmalz offers a surface on which up to four suction cups can be positioned simultaneously.

Vacuum Clamping Technology from Schmalz