Small Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps from Schmalz are available in various sizes. The advantage of a small vacuum pump is its compact and lightweight design. The functional principle of a small vacuum pump does not differ from other vacuum pumps:

The core component of a vacuum pump is a ribbed impeller that is mounted eccentrically (A). Fresh air flows through the inlet opening (C). If the wheel rotates, the ribs are pushed outwards through the centrifugal force. When the ribs are pressed outwards, they seal chambers of different sizes (B). The rotation of the impeller and the increasing expansion of the chambers cause the air to expand and the air pressure decreases. This creates a vacuum. The compressed air flows through the outlet opening (D).

The advantage of vacuum pumps is that the substantial compression generates a high vacuum level. Pumps also have a relatively high suction rate depending on the type. Vacuum pumps are therefore particularly suited for use in packaging machines or centralized vacuum generation in gantry transfer systems. In addition, vacuum pumps are used to create vacuums in most manual vacuum handling systems.

[Translate to English:] Vorteile von kleinen Vakuumpumpen:

  • Leichte und kompakte Bauweise
  • Hoher Unterdruck mit hohem Absaugvolumen
  • Zentrale Vakuum-Erzeugung

In unserem Online-Shop finden Sie sowohl kleine Vakuumpumpen als auch große Vakuumpumpen unterschiedlicher Ausführungen: