K1 vacuum pods

Efficient vacuum clamping in the woodworking industry

Product highlights of K1 vacuum clamping blocks

  • High quality, robust housing but still lightweight
  • The wear resistant material provides for a long life time
  • K1 blocks are exclusively offered by Schmalz by international patent
    (US patent US 6,364,299 B1 | DE Patent DE000029911761U1)
  • Combine K1 pods with other Schmalz accessories like adapter plates or mechanical clamps

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What are K1 vacuum clamping blocks?

K1 pods are part of a hose-free clamping solution for pod and rail CNC machines with a single vacuum circuit. They enable a precise clamping of workpieces with highest holding forces.

Where can you use K1 vacuum clamping blocks?

K1 pods can be used on rails with a single-circuit system. If you’re not sure whether your pod and rail CNC machine uses a single-circuit or a two-circuit system (2), you can check the rail. Single-circuits (1) only have one row of vacuum outlets.

If you want to hold your wooden workpiece in perfect postion during the machining process, K1 vacuum clamping blocks from Schmalz are your tool. For requirements of very high holding forces, Schmalz offers also vacuum pods made of aluminum. They are an efficient solution in the stair and window production or for clamping workpieces made from solid wood.

How do the K1 pods work?

During the loading of the CNC machine K1 vacuum blocks are pre-fixed to the rail with mechanical levers. This prevents unintended movement during the setup. Vacuum is used for clamping the workpiece on the vacuum pods. It holds the workpiece perfectly in position during the machining process.

What is the difference between a K1 and a K2 vacuum pod?

K1 pods are used on rails with a single vacuum circuit and are pre-fixed with mechanical levers.

K2 vacuum clamping blocks are used on rails with a two-circuit system. Instead of using mechanical means, K2 pods use one vacuum circuit to pre-fix the pods on the console. The second vacuum circuit clamps the workpiece on the vacuum block.

Benefits of K1 pods from Schmalz

  • Spare parts in original equipment manufacturer quality
  • Schmalz is a long-term partner of well-known machine manufacturers, therefore we offer years of experience in vacuum clamping technology
  • Wide product range, also available in narrow, rotatable and special versions
  • Vacuum clamping blocks suitable for machines of all manufacturers, especially American, German and Italian CNC machines
  • Height 50 and 125 mm
  • Rubber tops made of mark-free material for handling sensitive surfaces
  • Highest demands on dimensional accuracy for perfect milling results
  • If the rubber top (also called pod gasket) is damaged during the machining, it can easily be replaced
  • Most articles are immediately available from stock

What should you do if the rubber top of your K1 vacuum block was damaged?

If the pod gasket of the vacuum pod was damaged during the machining, you often don’t need to exchange the whole pod. In cases of minor or wear damages it is often sufficient to simply exchange the rubber top. In this video, our product manager Daniel Graszat shows how easy the replacement is.

First, remove the rubber top from the vacuum pods. Start with pulling the suction plate over one of the edges. Afterwards, you can replace it with a new rubber top. To facilitate the replacement you can add a little bit of soapy water to the domes of the housing. Put a new top on the whole surface of the pod. Use the domes as reference point. The domes have to be pushed in the cut-outs of the replacement pod gasket. Press it in firmly with the palm of your hand and pull it completely over the edge of the K1 vacuum block. Finally, you have to check if all four domes are in complete contact with the rubber top. The whole suction plate needs to be pulled over the edges of the vacuum block’s support plate.

K1 vacuum clamping blocks from Schmalz