Innospann Steel-Plate ISST


  • Vacuum clamping system for retrofitting CNC machining centers with flat, grid or console tables
  • Facilitates efficient and flexible single piece and small series production especially for the manufacture of furniture
  • The suction cup mountings Mono-Base and Quad-Base are fitted with suction cups and can be positioned freely on the Steel-Plate
  • A laser grid provides orientation assistance Unused vacuum openings can be closed manually using sealing magnets
  • Variable total height through various suction cup heights and optional spacer rings

Our Highlights...

  • Use on flat, grid and console tables
  • Two different valve intervals available
  • Laser etched grid markings
  • Sealing magnets for uncovered vacuum openings

Your Benefits...

  • Can be retrofitted on all standard machine types
  • Enables free positioning of Mono-Bases and Quad-Bases
  • Orientation assistance for suction cup positioning
  • High level of flexibility and shortened set-up times

  • Unused vacuum openings can be closed with sealing magnets (1)
  • Innospann Steel-Plate (2) made from high-quality stainless or galvanized steel with integrated vacuum openings
  • Suction cup mountings (3): Mono-Base or Quad-Base
  • Suction cups (4) in various shapes

  • Steel-Plate with vacuum openings
  • For flexible positioning of clamping equipment from the Innospann modular system

Designation Code Innospann Steel-Plate ISST

Code Type
ISST Innospann Steel-Plate

Code Type
MS Sealing magnet
TVR Touch ball valve

Code LxBxH in mm
variabel Variable

Code Valve spacing in mm
75...150 75 and 150

Ordering Data Innospann Steel-Plate ISST

Type Dimensions LxW [mm] Valve spacing [mm] Part no.
ISST-MS for Mono-Base Variable Approx. 75 On request
ISST-TVR for Mono-Base Variable Approx. 75 On request
ISST-MS for Quad-Base Variable Approx. 150 On request
ISST-TVR for Quad-Base Variable Approx. 150 On request

The Steel-Plate ISST is delivered assembled. The product consists of:

  • Stainless steel plate or galvanized steel made to measure with hole pattern and laser grid

The matching suction cups and suction cup holders can be found at Innospann Clamping Equipment ISCUP / ISMB / ISQB.

The magnetic plugs are not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately.