Contoured Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL

  • Contoured vacuum blocks VCBL-GL for smooth table machines (e.g. Bando Kiko*) for workpiece edge work when manufacturing automobile glass
  • Grinding edges of small side windows (e.g. vents or quarters) for which standard suction cups have insufficient suction area
  • Top suction plate shape is adapted to workpiece for max. friction

Our Highlights...

  • Suction plate customized to workpiece
  • Special friction material and high lateral force absorption
  • Contoured vacuum blocks with low height tolerance
  • Replaceable sealing gasket
  • Version with turning function available

Your Benefits...

  • Max. available clamping area utilization
  • High precision with high output
  • Ultra-precise machining
  • Improved service life due to replacement without replacing suction cups
  • Left and right side window machining

Base plate variant Square Rectangular Other shapes
Dimensions L x B [mm] L x B [mm] A [cm²]
Design: S 200 x 200 mm 200 x 100 mm < 200 cm²
Design: M 300 x 300 mm

300 x 100 mm

< 300 cm²
Design: L 400 x 400 mm 400 x 200 mm < 800 cm²
Block Height [mm] 81.5 mm 81.5 mm 81.5 mm

Items in the product family Contoured Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL


  • Version S: 200x200 mm
  • Version M: 300x300 mm
  • Version L: 400x400 mm

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  • Version S: 200x100 mm
  • Version M: 300x100 mm
  • Version L: 400x200 mm

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Other shapes (triangular, turning suction cup)

  • Version S: < 200 cm²
  • Version M: < 300 cm²
  • Version L: < 800 cm²

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How to order Contoured Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL?

Schmalz manufactures the Contoured Vacuum Blocks according to specific measurements provided by the customer. The lower suction plate is predefined with a square or rectangular base area, but can also be produced in custom shapes. The upper suction plate is produced based on the shape of the component.




Order process

Design Requirements

A DXF file of the workpiece with the following specifications is required for design:

  • Unit of measure - millimeters [mm] or inches [in]
  • Scale (1:X)
  • Exact dimensions of the workpiece to be clamped

*Bando Kiko is a registered trademark. The products listed here were developed by J. Schmalz GmbH to fit machines by this manufacturer.