Vacuum Technology for Processes in the Secondary Packaging Sector

Secondary packaging, also known as outer packaging, covers the primarily packed product. This means that secondary packaging doesn’t come into direct contact with the product itself (e.g. food and beverages), and has different requirements for vacuum technology.

In this step, vacuum technology from Schmalz is used to open the outer packaging and set the primary-packed product into the outer packaging. Vacuum technology is used in virtually all processes in the secondary packaging sector: case packing, blister packing, form-fill-seal (FSS) processes and cardboard packaging.

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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Handling both rigid and flexibly packed products
The grippers have to flexibly adapt to different packaging materials. Plastic films can only be gripped by suction cups with particularly flexible sealing lips. Porous, abrasive cardboard boxes require suction cups with excellent sealing properties and particularly long service lives.

Handling blister packs, ampouls, vials and syringes in the pharmaceutical industry
Blister packs, ampules and vials require suction cups with small diameters. At the same time, the products must be safely moved or held in place. The broad range of suction cups also meets the high hygienic requirements.

Vacuum Technology for the secondary packaging sector