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The packaging industry is one of the largest growth markets in the world. Packed items such as food, beverages and other consumer goods require a wide variety of packaging. Goods must be protected from spoilage, damage and contamination, while being presented in an attractive and appropriate manner. The food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors have the most influence on packaging, and their choices are ultimately based on the consumer.

At the same time, the packaged items themselves have many different requirements for packaging materials. Solid, liquid or powdery goods require individual packaging materials such as bottles, tubes, buckets, cardboard boxes and blister packs. This means a wide variety of materials, machines and technologies are required for the packaging industry.

The processes in the packaging industry are essentially divided into primary packaging, secondary packaging and end-of-line palletizing. Vacuum technology from Schmalz is used in all areas of the packaging industry: in suction cups for putting chocolates into trays (primary packaging), in compact end effectors for placing filled bags in a cardboard box (secondary packaging) and in vacuum systems for automated palletizing (EOLP).


Process Steps and Vacuum Solutions in the Packaging Industry

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