Rotor Blade Lifting Device

Application / process step

Your benefits

  • Time savings on tip-side demolding of the rotor blade
  • Careful and damage-free demolding, no need to trim the mold and no edge protection required
  • Easy handling thanks to suction plates specially adapted to the rotor blade contour
  • High level of safety due to vacuum reservoir and additional safety straps
  • Parking feet for storing the lifting device, option of wheels for internal transport

Product Inquiries

Experienced system consultants will help you design the vacuum solution to suit your industry-specific needs.

Product Inquiry

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Форма контакта

Technical data

Lifting capacity 8 t to 16 t (demolding force / area taken into account)
Component weight Up to 10 t (in the demolding area on the tip side)
Component length Up to 85 m                                 
Length From 3.6 m to 7.2 m
Width Approx. 2 m