Holder for suction cups HT-SG

  • Holder for mounting vacuum suction cups on tooling beams
  • For vacuum suction cups with connectors for G, NPT and M threads and right-angled adapters

Configuration code – selection and ordering aid for the holder HT-SG

The holder HT-SG can be configured to suit your application thanks to its modular design. Choose between a variety of connections, suction cups and connectors.

You can find information about the individual components and selection options on the various tab pages.

Holder type

Code Version
HT-UNIT-SG Holder for suction cups


Code Connection Tooling
A2 Cylindrical (ø 19 mm, apple-core)
A3 Spherical (ø 28.5 mm)
A5 Spherical (ø 32 mm)

Code Connection suction cups
G05...G08 G1/4-IG to G3/8-AG
M21...M39 M10-IG to M16-IG
N07...N11 NPT1/4-AG and NPT3/8-AG
RA Rectangular adapter

Vacuum generator

Code Type Version
E0 Without vacuum generator

If you want to integrate a vacuum generator into your holder system HT, please select one of the two following product families:

Holder for suction cups HT-SG...E
Holder for suction cups HT-SG...I

Suction cups

The holder system HT can be used in combination with a variety of different suction cups. You can choose between various shapes, sizes, materials and connectors. The selection options for the suction cups are illustrated below using three examples. You can find a full overview of all the available product families on the overview page for holder systems for tooling.

Example Type Suction area [mm] Material
SAX-80-ED-85 SAX (bell-shaped) 80 ED-85 (Elastodur)
SAB-50-NBR-60 SAB (1.5 folds, round) 50 NBR-60 (Nitrile rubber)
PFYN-60-VU1 PFYN (flat, round) 60 VU1 (Vulkollan)

Vacuum and pressure switches

Code Type Version
VS0 Without vacuum and pressure switches

Push fitting

Code Type Version
PF0 Without screw in push fitting
PF1...PF8 STV-GE G1/8-AG 4 to STV-GE G1/4-AG 12 Screw in push fitting, straight
PF9...PF17 STV-W G1/8-AG 4 to STV-W G1/4-AG 12 MV Screw in push fitting, angled

Sample configuration

Field Code Explanation
(1) HT-UNIT-SG Holder for suction cups HT-SG
(2) A2-G08 Cylindrical (apple-core) connector with a diameter of 19 mm and a G3/8 male thread
(3) E0 Without vacuum generator
(4) SAX-80-ED-85 Bell-shaped suction cup SAX made from Elastodur with a suction area of 80 mm and a 3/8 female thread (
(5) VS0 Without vacuum and pressure switch
(6) PF0 Without screw in push fitting

Schmalz also offers the right vacuum/pressure hoses to complete your holder system.

Our experienced specialists can assist you with the configuration of your holder HT-SG. Find the right contact person: Local contact