Emptying Bins Made Easy

Schmalz is introducing a series of new solutions for the complex task of automated bin-picking, which includes ready-to-connect sets that can be installed intuitively as well as a new suction cup that adapts perfectly to the workpiece thanks to its thin sealing lip. All solutions are ideally suited for lightweight robots and cobots.

The Vision and Handling Set 3D-R from Schmalz makes it much easier to start using bin-picking applications. The integrated complete system can be installed in just a few hours and without extensive previous knowledge.

Schmalz delivers the Bin-Picker SBPG ready to connect and with integrated vacuum generation.

Corners and edges are no problem. The new suction cup SVE adapts perfectly to different workpieces thanks to its bell shape.

The Vision and Handling Set 3D-R, a complete solution that includes all accessories for efficient bin-picking, is the focus of the latest innovations from Schmalz. Compared to conventional solutions on the market, it can be put into operation very quickly – without extensive previous knowledge of robotics and in less than half a day. The user is supplied with all the necessary components, which are ready to connect, including the connection set matching the robot type, the electric vacuum generator ECBPi, a gripper with an extension for connecting the appropriate suction cups, and a 3D camera system and software. This allows the system to be set up and controlled easily and bin-picking to be performed smoothly and collision-free.

Schmalz also developed the Bin-Picker SBPG, which is available separately and also ready to connect. Plus, vacuum generation is already integrated. With its low weight of only a few hundred grams, it is particularly suitable for stationary handling tasks with collaborative robots. The high suction volume ensures a quick and secure grip, even with non-sealed parts. The gripper reliably removes the workpieces from the bin, regardless of whether they have been randomly deposited or sorted in advance. The quick-change unit for suction cups and actuators provides even more flexibility during gripping. Schmalz also offers an optional swivel module for the SBPG that enables reliable emptying, even in corners and deep bins. The robot’s reach is thus even further increased. Thanks to the intelligent vacuum and pressure switch VSi, the gripping process is continuously monitored, which allows for the shortest possible cycle times.

Schmalz rounds off its new products for bin-picking with the new suction cup SVE. The SVE is the ideal supplement to the Bin-Picker SBPG. With its bell shape and very thin, soft sealing lip, it adapts perfectly to corners, edges, and other freeform surfaces. Spray cans, for example, can be gripped reliably with high holding force and optimal sealing.


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