Pneumatic Vacuum Generators RECBi MATCH

  • Handling of porous and flexible workpieces such as filled cardboard boxes in palletizing processes
  • Use in logistics processes (pick & pack) when handling packaging, bags or cardboard packaging
  • Use in fully automated processes with low cycle and evacuation times
  • Use in interlinked processes due to intelligent two-zone technology
  • Direct vacuum generation end-of-arm for small and large-area grippers
Suitable Gripper for RECB PXT MATCH

Compatible with the pneumatic vacuum generators RECB PXT MATCH, Schmalz offers the modular gripping system PXT.
An individual gripper for numerous applications can be easily assembled from the lean portfolio of standard components.

Product Highlights
  • Pneumatic vacuum generator with quick-change unit for high application diversity and flexible gripper design
  • High suction rate directly at the gripper increases process reliability and reduces cycle times
  • Energy efficient vacuum generation through eco nozzle technology and automatic air saving reduces operating costs by up to 60 %
  • Simple and time saving design of two separate vacuum circuits possible
  • Software supported commissioning for fast and uncomplicated use
Pneumatic Vacuum Generators RECBi MATCH
  • Connection suitable for all quick-change modules RMQC of the MATCH platform (1)
  • Intuitive LED display and NFC interface (2) for convenient data transfer via smartphone
  • Integrated eco nozzle technology (3) with easily accessible nozzle and valve technology
  • Two separate vacuum circuits possible by combining two ejector modules (4)
  • Predefined assemblies with different grippers (5) or universal connection plate
  • Suitable for quick-change module RMQC MATCH
  • Handling of workpieces up to 25 kg
  • Contains vacuum generator and various grippers
The matching documentation for this product is available in this section.



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