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From the Components to Your Custom Gripping System

Innovative Vacuum Components

A gripping system is only as good as its individual parts. Benefit from the widest range of vacuum components on the market:

  • Optimally coordinated individual components from a single supplier, from suction cups, to vacuum generators, to system monitoring units
  • Numerous products specially developed for specific industries
  • Integrated state-of-the-art technology for energy and process control
  • Modularity ensured through standardized interfaces and connection systems

Vacuum components from Schmalz

Knowledge Through Experience

You can rely on our expertise, obtained from over 30 years of experience in the area of vacuum technology:

  • Our system consultants engage in a dialog with you on site to help develop the solution
  • Specialist industry managers know and understand the processes and requirements specific to your industry
  • Our approximately 400 registered and granted industrial property rights demonstrate our talent for innovation and our capability for developing solutions
  • Transfer of knowledge in customer seminars at the Schmalz Academy

In a dialog with our customers

Customer-Oriented Project Management Provides Solutions that Lower Costs in Everyday Use

When considering cost effectiveness there are significantly more aspects to be taken into account than just the cost of the gripper. Reduction in overall operating costs through optimally coordinated systems means:

  • Custom-tailored implementation of your requirements
  • High degree of integration by taking over responsibility for the system
  • Concurrent engineering generates mutual transfer of knowledge
  • Faster start of operations through tested system functionality
  • Coordinated systems provide higher processing speeds, and thus faster cycle times and increased productivity
  • Coordinated systems ensure lower energy consumption and thus reduce operating costs
  • Coordinated systems ensure process reliability and quality

For you this means:

More time to focus on your core competencies.

Comparison of the total costs of ownership of a Schmalz system solution with those for a system designed by the customer: Our system experience helps you to optimize productivity and operating costs (e.g. for energy consumption, maintenance and spare parts) throughout the entire duration of operation.