Bellows Suction Cups FSGA VU1 (1.5 Folds)

  • Round bellows suction cup with 1.5 folds for use in multi-shift operations with very short cycle times
  • Handling of workpieces with very abrasive surfaces such as rough cardboard sheets
  • Suction cup with special groove: for handling oily metal sheets (better resistance to lateral forces due to discharge of oil)
  • Suction cup without special groove: for handling cardboard, wood and similar materials
Product Highlights
  • Highly tear resistant material Vulkollan VU1 withstands enormous stress
  • Insensitive to oils thanks to good chemical resistance
  • Minimal abrasion (approx. 10 - 12 mm³ according to DIN 53516) allows up to 20 times longer service life than standard NBR
  • Support surfaces on the bottom prevent permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces
Bellows Suction Cups FSGA VU1 (1.5 Folds)
  • Robust, wear-resistant suction cup FSGA (3) with single sealing lip, consisting of suction cup FGA (2) (Vulkollan VU1) with 1.5 folds and connection nipple (1)
  • Suction cup connected positively to nipple; no turning even when handling heavy loads
  • Suction cups with supports on the bottom
  • With each nipple family, the replacement cups and nipples can be combined as desired
  • Diameter: 30 to 110 mm
  • Material: VU1
  • Connection nipple plugged into elastomer part


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