• Filter disc to protect the vacuum system from dust and dirt, without changing the flow restrictor
  • Filter disc prevents the workpiece from being sucked into the suction cup
Product Highlights
  • Filters out dirt directly on the workpiece
  • Can be used in many different ways with the suction cup series FGA and FG thanks to a wide range of diameters
  • Stable filter disc increases the inherent stability of the suction cup and prevents the workpiece from being sucked in
  • Easy insertion in the fold of the suction cup
Filter Discs FD
  • Filter disc (1) made of porous polyethylene (sinter PE)
  • Filter pore size 120 µm
  • Can be placed directly into the suction cup (2)
  • Diameter: 16 to 55 mm
  • For suction cup type: FGA, FG
  • Material: PE
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