• Ready-to-connect handling set for lightweight robots and cobots based on an intelligent, electrical vacuum generator
  • Includes the vacuum generator, flange, gripper and connection cable
  • Handling of airtight and slightly porous workpieces
  • Integrated interface for controlling, regulating and monitoring the handling process
Product Highlights
  • Set contains all components for the quick assembly of a gripper ready-to-connect
  • Integrated ventilation valve for fast, precise placement of the workpiece during handling
  • Process monitoring through connection via IO-Link or digital signals; condition monitoring to prevent errors
  • NFC interface allows readout and parameterization via smartphone
  • Energy efficient by adapting the power to the handling process by means of speed control
Handling Sets ECBPi
  • Flange adapter plate (1) for mechanical connection to the lightweight robot or cobot
  • M12 8-pin plug connection as digital interface between the ECBPi (2) to the robot
  • NFC interface for convenient data transfer via smartphone
  • Flange for gripper connection (3)
  • End effector VEE (4) with a replaceable suction cup
  • Connection cable for electrical connection to the robot
  • Vacuum generator including flange, gripper and connection cable
  • Flexible replacement of the gripper possible
  • Suction rate up to 12 l/min and max. vacuum: 75 %
  • Suitable for operation with lightweight robots and robots
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