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Mini-pump, compact ejector with minimum size

Nozzle size0.7 mm
ConnectionHose D4(1)-D4(2)
Suction rate (max.)15 l/min
Air consumption suction22 l/min
Sound level free70 dB(A)
Pressure range (operating pressure)3.5 ... 6.0 bar
Max. vacuum870 mbar
Control valveNormally open
Protection type IPIP 40 (with plug)

SCPMb/SCPMc/SCPMi: Also available as blocked terminal version

These ejectors are also available as a terminal version for controlling up to 16 different vacuum circuits.

Attribute Value
B 12 mm
B1 12.50 mm
D 9 mm
d1 4.20 mm
d2 4.20 mm
d4 4.30 mm
H 41.50 mm
H1 64.20 mm
H2 24.95 mm
H3 7.50 mm
H4 30 mm
H5 7.50 mm
H6 17.50 mm
L 76.50 mm
L1 95.30 mm
L3 20.50 mm
X1 36 mm
Attribute Value
Nozzle size 0.70 mm
Control valve NO
Degree of evacuation 87 %
Suction rate (max.) 15 l/min
Air consumption suction 22 l/min
Max. air consumption blow off 10 l/min
Max. vacuum 870 mbar
Pressure optimal 4 bar
Pressure range (operating pressure) 3.5 ... 6.0 bar
Recomm. internal hose diameter compressed air 2 mm
Recomm. internal hose diameter vacuum 2 mm
Operating temperature 0 ... 50 °C
Weight 70 g
Product family SCPMb

Ordering information: SCPMb 07 S01 NO AAE

Compact ejector SCPM is delivered as a ready-to-connect product (without connection cable).


Available spare parts: silencer, filter element

Available accessories: connection cable, connection plug