• Basic ejector with highest suction capacity for handling cardboard boxes, packaging materials, insulating materials and other porous materials
  • Processes that require high volume flows with simultaneously optimized energy consumption
Product Highlights
  • Ejector ideally suited for porous materials due to very high suction capacity
  • Air consumption optimized for either airtight (HV) or porous (HF) workpieces
  • Integrated eco nozzle technology with highest energy efficiency
  • Working vacuum is reached very quickly
  • Simple and fast maintenance, due to modular design
Basic ejectors SBPL
  • Base body and nozzle system made of extremely robust plastic
  • Pneumatic connections for compressed air (1), vacuum (2) and exhaust air (silencer) (3)
  • Connections for valves, vacuum switches or vacuum gauges (4)
  • Optional accessories: vacuum switch, vacuum manometer, quick exhaust valves, electromagnetic valves
  • Suction capacity: 290 to 1,140 l/min
  • Max. Vacuum: 61 or 90
  • Basic body made of plastic
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