• Electronic vacuum and pressure switch with IO-Link interface for measuring and monitoring vacuum and overpressure in automation and handling systems
  • Input and output of parameters via the controller
  • Sensor unit can be positioned independently from the control and indicator display in the system
  • Compact switch for installation directly on the suction cup, particularly in decentralized vacuum systems
  • Setting and programming of the vacuum and pressure switch even at points in the process that are difficult to work on manually
  • Output of device data such as type or operating instructions via smartphone, even with variants without display

Vacuum and pressure switch with innovative control via app

The electronic switches have a modular structure and can be easily integrated into the automation environment. Data and values​ can be read out and parameterized using the “Schmalz ControlRoom” app.

Product Highlights
  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch with optional display for exact measurements and digital signal output
  • NFC interface allows parameterization and reading of service and maintenance data via smartphone
  • Input and output of relevant process data via the controller thanks to IO-Link interface
  • Switch with compact units in two designs: without display or with integrated display
  • Robust fiberglass reinforced plastic housing
  • Installation via stainless steel vacuum / compressed air connection and with optional additional mounting bracket
  • M8-4 pin or M12-4 pin connection plug
  • Mode and switching point display using LEDs that are visible from all sides
  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch
  • Measuring range: -1 to 10 bar
  • Switching function: PNP, NPN


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