• Needle gripper for handling non-rigid and highly porous materials (primary textiles)
  • Handling materials that are difficult to grip using vacuum such as textiles, fleece, filter materials, insulation and foam materials, and much more
Product Highlights
  • Crossed needles hold even very unstable workpieces securely
  • Gripping with minimized effective area optimal for handling small workpieces
  • Double-acting pneumatic cylinder minimizes cycle times
  • Variable needle stroke enables individual adaptation to a wide range of workpieces
Needle Grippers SNG-V
  • Robust aluminum housing (1)
  • Drive via double-acting pneumatic cylinders (2)
  • 6 or 10 needles with diameter 0.8 mm, 1.2 mm or 1.5 mm (3)
  • Insertion angle 30°
  • Continuously variable stroke adjustment (4)
  • Optional mounting with holder system HTS
  • Needle diameter: 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Number of needles: 6 and 10
  • Needle stroke: 0 mm to 25 mm (variable)
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