• Needle gripper for handling of flexible, non-rigid components
  • Handling of materials which are difficult to grip with vacuum, such as composite textiles, fleece, felt, carpets, metal foam, insulating mats, foam materials, etc.
Product Highlights
  • Robust design with high stroke for rough conditions and heavy workpieces
  • Needle diameter can be selected to suit the individual application
  • Double-acting pneumatic cylinder minimizes cycle times
  • Synchronized extension of the needles guarantees safe handling of the workpieces
  • Optional adapter flange plate allows perfect adaptation to further mounting components
Needle Grippers SNG-DL
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • 24 needles (3)
  • Extension (1) and retraction (2) of the needles controlled by compressed air (2 circuits)
  • Optional connection of the needle gripper via mounting plate
  • Plunge angle 45°
  • Needle diameter: 1.2 / 2.0 mm
  • Number of needles: 24
  • Needle stroke: 17,5 mm
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