Tooling System SXT


System for the design of flexibly adjustable lightweight toolings for the automotive industry
Use in highly dynamic processes with maximum output in the press shop and body shop
Suitable for press automation with multi-stage forming processes
Toolings for robots for destacking, loading and unloading presses and for loading load carriers at the end of the line
Weight-optimised toolings
Low weight and 4 times higher torque due to geared components
Modularly configurable
More than 2,200 different swivel arms, compatible with conventional tooling systems
Flexibly adaptable
Easy adaptation for modifications or retrofitting
Simple and clear portfolio
Few, compact components are easy to design and quick to set up

Tooling Components

(1) Quick-change robot bayonet SXT-QC-CON - With or without compressed air feedthrough

(2) Clamp SXT-CL - Cross clamps and parallel clamps

(3) Tube SXT-RT - Diameter 25 mm to 60 mm

(4) Connection (geared) SXT-CON-GB - Gearing with 10° graduation

(5) Clamp with extension SXT-CL-EXT - Extension from 100 mm to 510 mm

System Supplement

(6) Holder system HT - For suction cups, spring plungers and sensors

(7) Suction cups - e.g. SAX

(8) Magnetic grippers - e.g. SGM-HP

Not illustrated:

Robot Flanges SXT-RF-CL

Elbow connectors (geared) SXT-ANG

Extensions (geared) SXT-EXT

Ordering information

The Schmalz Tooling System SXT offers various configuration options. In addition to the individual components, complete assemblies in customer specific designs are also available.

Schmalz Tooling SXT with suction cups SAX for handling formed body parts

Schmalz Tooling SXT with suction cups SAX for handling sheet metal plates

Schmalz Tooling SXT with magnetic grippers SGM-HP for handling structural parts

Schmalz Tooling SXT for simultaneous handling of two symmetrical body parts

Slide-on and clamp-on tube clamps

Slide-on tube clamps

Tube clamps with extension

Clamp-on tube clamp and ball clamp with extension

Clamp-on tube clamp with extension

Slide-on tube clamps with angle

Slide-on tube clamps with angle

Slide-on tube clamps with extensions and angles


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