• Spring plunger with internal damping spring for handling of workpieces with differing heights, such as curved metal sheets, etc.
  • Handling of very sensitive workpieces (such as sheets of glass) without additional control functions to prevent damage, since the plunger ensures soft placement
  • Particularly suitable for handling tasks in the automotive sector
Product Highlights
  • High-quality, maintenance-free slide bearings and excellent guidance
  • Internal damping spring for gentle placement on sensitive workpieces, protected against dirt and mechanical influences
  • Minimal, lightweight design optimized for the smallest space and highest dynamics
  • Optionally in non-rotating version for oval suction cups
Spring Plungers FSTI
  • Spring plunger consisting of high strength steel rod, guide sleeve with integrated sliding bearing (2) and internal damping spring
  • Connection thread for suction cup always male (4); connection thread for vacuum supply (1) either female or male
  • Two lock nuts (3) for attachment
  • Burnished surface; on the version with anti-rotation function, the plunger rod is coated for optimum sliding behaviour
  • Plunger rod with integrated vacuum feed
  • Anti-rotation guard due to flat side on the rod and a correspondingly shaped guide sleeve
  • Connection: G1/4” and G3/8”
  • Stroke: 10 to 50 mm
  • Internal damping spring
  • Integrated vacuum feed
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