Reduction nipple with hexagon

Thread G1G3/8"-M
Thread G2R3/8"-M
Length L5 mm
Nominal diameter dn10 mm
Attribute Value
dn 10 mm
G1 G3/8"-M
G2 R3/8"-M
L 5 mm
LG1 10 mm
LG2 12 mm
SW1 19 mm
Attribute Value
Material Brass
There is no CAD data online available for this item. Please contact your local contact person.

Ordering information: RED-NIP G3/8-AG R3/8-AG MS

Handling of flexible, non-rigid components Handling of materials which are difficult to grip with vacuum, such as textiles, fleece, filters, woven fibreglass or carbon-fibre, woven aramide, foam materials, etc.