The Guard of Vacuum and Pressure

Nothing gets past it. The volume flow sensor FS from Schmalz is located near the gripping point and reports volume flow deviations for both vacuum and pressure during the handling process. It thus monitors and optimizes processes.

The new volume flow sensor FS from Schmalz is ideal for monitoring vacuum and compressed air systems with small hose diameters.

With its new FS series, J. Schmalz GmbH has expanded its range of products with a robust and reliable sensor to monitor handling processes. Weighing just slightly more than a bar of chocolate, the compact measuring device can be easily attached to robot arms or gripper spiders. System integration is possible via an analog output and two adjustable switching points. The new vacuum component defines precise vacuum and pressure values from –0.9 to 8 bar and the volume flow between five and 200 liters per minute, even for thin hose diameters. If the defined threshold value is exceeded, the LCD display of the FS visually indicates this by changing color.

Applications for the sensor include the automated handling of car body parts, glass sheets, and food packaging. It recognizes when cereal packaging is incorrectly gripped or if there is leakage that affects efficiency. The display also provides an analysis of the cumulative compressed air consumption. The volume flow sensor FS allows operators to optimize processes at a reasonable cost.


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