Digital Solutions for Vacuum Technology

Lightweight robots and intelligent vacuum components have become an integral part of the digitized and networked production world. Schmalz has produced a number of innovative products for the smart factory including a new bin picking solution, products incorporating the digital twin and a software tool providing a single access point for IO-Link components.

Schmalz presents innovative visual solutions for bin picking.

A new suction cup also grips workpieces directly at corners and edges.

Automated bin Picking

J. Schmalz GmbH has developed a complete solution for the complex task of automatic bin picking: The solution combines grippers specially optimized for bin picking with a 3D camera system, compatible control software and suitable accessories for robots. The vacuum is generated, for example, by the electric CobotPump ECBPi. Schmalz has also designed a new suction cup for gripping workpieces directly at their corners and edges.

Ongoing product digitization

With its engineering tool for the lightweight gripper SLG, Schmalz has already demonstrated how customers benefit from digital solutions and services: Customers can independently configure their individual grippers using a web platform. Alternatively, they can use a digital twin — a virtual image of vacuum components. The intelligent, detailed CAD model enables users to design their gripping system at a very early stage in the process. The digital twin provides all the necessary data and parameters virtually and in real time.

Schmalz Connect Suite

Improving efficiency was also a key focus in another new development — the Schmalz Connect Suite. The software solution reads service data from components and analyzes this data. The system is compatible with both new and old systems and can be operated on the hardware supplied. In the future, it will also be possible to operate the system from customer servers, edge platforms or from the cloud. The Schmalz Connect Suite can be used to quickly commission and manage IO-Link components from different manufacturers as well as to monitor and improve processes. All of the information is displayed clearly on a dashboard or conveniently on a tablet.


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