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Experienced system consultants support you in designing the right vacuum solution for your industry-specific requirements.

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The rapidly growing share of electric vehicles is leading to a very high demand for lithium-ion batteries. In order to meet the demand for long ranges, the quality and performance requirements for batteries and their production processes are also constantly increasing. Vacuum components from Schmalz meet the high demands of the industry and are used in automated cell production and module assembly. In addition to automation technology, Schmalz also offers vacuum lifters and crane systems for the ergonomic and safe handling of heavy battery modules.

Special gripper STGG for handling anodes

Cell production

Handling of electrodes and separators in cell production


Highly dynamic Pick & Place

  • Special gripper STGG for fast and precise Pick & Place of thin electrodes and separators
  • Increased productivity through fastest handling with highest position accuracy


Gentle gripping

  • Gripper Vacuum generator for high volume flow and gentle vacuum
  • Full-surface gripping of the films for minimum surface pressure with high lateral force

Special gripper STGG for handling semi stacks

Contamination-free handling

  • High volume flow prevents particle residues on the electrodes
  • Special gripper with pneumatic vacuum generation for use in clean rooms


Safe electrostatic discharge

  • Flow gripper with ESD-compliant contact surfaces for discharging electrostatic charge
  • Reliable stacking and destacking of thinnest separators

Lightweight gripper SLG with structured suction pads SGPN for gentle handling of pouch cells

Module assembly

Handling of pouch cells in module assembly


Format flexible gripper solutions

  • Individually configurable gripper SLG for workpiece-specific design
  • Internal or external vacuum generators for versatile use


Deformation-free gripping

  • Structured vacuum cups SFF and SFB1 for gripping without deep drawing
  • Vacuum generator with eco nozzle technology and gentle vacuum

Customer-specific vacuum grippers for the safe pickup and positioning of pouch cells in various formats

Electrolyte-resistant suction cups

  • Chemical-resistant suction materials FPM and EPDM
  • Increased productivity due to long service life of the suction cups


Safe and intelligent solutions

  • Vacuum generators with air-saving function maintain the vacuum in case of power failure
  • Customer-specific function integration, e.g. redundant vacuum generation or workpiece recognition

Customer-specific grippers, adapted to the size and quantity of the round cells

Module assembly

Handling of cylindrical cells in module assembly


Configurable grippers

  • Grippers are configured depending on cell diameter, number (up to 24 round cells) and arrangement
  • Individual gripper solution possible from batch size one using the latest 3D printing technology


Integrated vacuum generation

  • High flow rate for fast evacuation and short cycle times
  • Ejector module with safety valve for maintaining vacuum in case of power failure

Magnetic gripper for handling hard case steel cells

Secure gripping

  • Magnetic gripper with high holding forces for handling battery cells in steel housings
  • Holding elements for the longitudinal gripping of round cells


Gripping directly on the battery terminals

  • HT1 suction cup material for gripping the terminals without leaving marks
  • Vacuum suction cup as insulator for charged cells

Large-area gripper FQE for handling housing parts

Pack Assembly

Handling of battery modules in the pack assembly


Secure gripping

  • Large-area gripper for safe handling of large structured housing parts, even with cutouts
  • High holding forces for heavy workpieces


Flexible configuration

  • Size of the gripper can be selected depending on the workpiece
  • Vacuum suction cups for long maintenance intervals or sealing foam for handling heavily structured surfaces

JumboFlex for manual handling of battery modules

Precise handling

  • Intuitive lowering and lifting of the load via the central one-finger control.
  • Quick-change adapter for fast, tool-free gripper change.


Ergonomic and safe handling

  • Ergonomic and easy handling for goods up to 50 kg
  • Optionally with Safety+. Particularly safe due to two-hand operation for removal. Adjustable, reduced lowering speed, e.g. for sensitive components


Gentle handling of the electrodes and separators by reducing the dynamic and static forces on them by means of optimum dimensioning and distribution of the suction points. Proven lower surface pressure compared to other gripping principles such as elastomer suction cups or Bernoulli grippers

When using suction cups

When using FLGR


Suction surface made of special material PEEK (polyetherether ketone) minimizes mechanical abrasion and prevents chemical contamination. The high volume flow of gripper also removes particles from the electrode, which are then removed from the working area by exhausting the exhaust air

When using suction cups

When using FLGR

Electrolyte Resistance

An important component in every battery is the electrolyte, which ensures the transport of ions between the electrodes. The complex system of solvent, conductive salt and additives can attack components that come into contact with it. Schmalz offers suction cups made of materials resistant to corrosion by electrolytes. Compared with suction cups made of other materials, it can be used for a long time, to improve the productivity and output of the line.

Cleanroom Suitability

Products of Schmalz can be used in mostly every cleanroom class. Together with high level institutes the products of Schmalz have been tested and certified. This certification is based on different regulations and official standards.


Cleanroom Classes     Schmalz Products*    
ISO 14644-1 Vacuum Suction Cups Special Grippers Gripping Systems Mounting Elements Vacuum Generators
ISO 2 FSGA   FM-SW FSTIm (with rotation lock)  
ISO 3 SGPN, SPF-ED        
ISO 5          
ISO 6     FX-SW    
ISO 7-9 All products of Schmalz are compliant with cleanroom class ISO 7-9

*Vacuum components exemplarily tested by following the standard VDI-2083
**The FLGR series is a customized product and has received certification based on standardized STGG.

Cleanroom Classification and Standardization

      ISO 14644-1, JIS B 9920     FED-STD-209D equivalent
      Maximum particles /m³     Maximum particles /ft³
  0.1 µm 0.2 µm 0.3 µm 0.5 µm 1.0 µm 5.0 µm 0.5 µm
ISO 1 10 2 - - - - -
ISO2 100 24 10 4 - - -
ISO 3 1,000 237 102 35 8 - 1
ISO 4 10,000 2,370 1,020 352 83 - 10
ISO 5 100,000 23,700 10,200 3,520 832 29 100
ISO 6 1,000,000 237,000 102,000 35,200 8,320 293 1,000
ISO 7 - - - 352,000 83,200 2,930 10,000
ISO 8 - - - 3,520,000 832,000 29,300 100,000
ISO 9 - - - 35,200,000 8,320,000 293,000 1,000,000