Vacuum Technology in the Body Shop

In body shops, sheet metal parts from the press shop are assembled to form the body. This is usually done by welding and gluing but also by riveting, pressing, screwing or soldering. These processes require extremely high positioning accuracy. After body shop, the body is transported to the paint shop. It is therefore important to avoid marks or even the slightest damage to the surface. The material flow to the paint shop must not be interrupted. High plant availability is therefore a top priority. High-quality suction materials have a longer service life even in high ozone concentrations. Intelligent vacuum generation enables predictive maintenance and optimises energy consumption.

Most body shop processes are fully automated. Nowadays, electric cars, burners and various models are produced on the same line, so flexible production methods and systems are required. Vacuum technology is primarily used in complex gripper systems where mechanical grippers would be too heavy or too inflexible, or could cause damage.

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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

High Energy Efficiency During Vacuum Generation and Handling, for example in joining processes or during emergency stops

  • Suction cups with outstanding sealing properties on complex shapes
  • Vacuum generators with integrated air-saving function

Reliable and Transparent processes

  • Continuous monitoring of vacuum systems for leakage, contamination and cycle times
  • Recording, evaluation and visualization of all relevant process data to increase system availability

High Ozone Resistance in all Materials Used

  • Specially developed suction cup materials ensure a long service life in the environments surrounding laser cutting machines and welding systems
  • Extension of the maintenance intervals of large-scale and complex gripping systems

Vacuum Powered for Flexible and Cost Efficient Operation

  • Low weight tooling by using suction cups instead of heavy mechanical clamps
  • Space saving gripping from above instead of lateral mechanical clamping

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