Vacuum Tube Lifters JumboFlex

One-hand operation for workpieces weighing up to 50 kg

MAX. 50 KG
MAX. 2 X 1 M

The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex allows you to move lighter goods up to 50 kg ergonomically and with high cycle rates. The control handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows the operator to work for a long period of time without fatigue. With simple one-finger control, lifting, lowering and releasing the load is extremely intuitive. The JumboFlex’ wide range of features allows it to tackle virtually any task. It comes standard with a quick-change system for replacing the vacuum grippers. Workpieces which are gripped from the vertical side automatically swing back into the horizontal position where they can be continuously rotated.


Ergonomic movement of compact goods up to 50 kg at high cycle frequencies
Ensuring efficient material flow in e.g. intralogistic areas by effortless movement of diverse goods
Loading and unloading of plants and machines with high throughput
Ergonomic assistance for commissioning packages and for loading sorting and distribution machines
Workpieces that are picked up from the side automatically swing back into the horizontal position where they can be continuously rotated
Innovative one-hand operation for fast and reliable movement sequences
Ergonomic control handle adapted for right and left handed users
Fatigue-free, back-friendly lifting ensures consistent performance
Central one-finger control for lifting, lowering and releasing the load
Universally applicable with standard quick-change system for exchanging the extensive range of grippers
Awarded the seal of approval by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V.
Schmalz vacuum lifters and crane systems support the back and musculoskeletal system when lifting light and heavy loads. They reduce strain and help to make the work environment ergonomic. This is confirmed by the independent association Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (AGR) with its seal of approval.

(1) Lifting unit with protective tube

(2) Suspension height can be adjusted without a load attached

(3) Filter, changeable without tools

(4) One-finger control for lifting, lowering and releasing the load

(5) Ergonomic control handle with non-slip elements

(6) Continuous rotation, can be locked in 90° increments

(7) Quick-change adapter for fast, tool-free gripper change

(8) Vacuum grippers, adapted to the workpiece

(9) 90° slewing mechanism (manual) for picking up loads from the side

(10) Radio remote control SRC for vacuum generator (optional)


The operating unit of the JumboFlex 50 for maximum loads of up to 50 kg is different than the operating unit of the JumboFlex for maximum loads of up to 20 and 35 kg.

Quick-change adapter
Quick-change adapter

Versatility is key: Schmalz offers the correct vacuum grippers for virtually any application. With the quick-change adapter the gripper can be changed quickly and easily.

Round vacuum gripper
Round vacuum gripper

For compact goods such as cardboard boxes, barrels, buckets, jugs and cabinets.

Round vacuum gripper with skirt
Round vacuum gripper with skirt

For optimal sealing on plastic bags and shrink-wrapped packages.

Double vacuum gripper
Double vacuum gripper

For stapled, glued, strapped or open cardboard boxes as well as small wooden boards.

Quadruple vacuum gripper
Quadruple vacuum gripper

For large cardboard boxes, wooden boards and other flat workpieces.

Multiple vacuum gripper
Multiple vacuum gripper

Universal gripping of various cardboard box sizes and qualities with a Minimum occupancy rate of 75%.

2-in-1 gripper
2-in-1 gripper

Combination of a vacuum gripper and a suspension hook for baggage pieces such as suitcases or bags.

Suspension hook
Suspension hook

For mechanical suspension of buckets, jugs and other workpieces with a point from which to hang.

Box gripper
Box gripper

For transport and storage boxes from all commercial manufacturers (VDA 4500 standard).

JumboFlex Battery
JumboFlex Battery

Gripper and tube lifter as a complete unit for handling starter batteries in the automotive industry. The complete system can be used to handle different cover shapes, sizes and loads up to 27 kg.

The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex can be configured specifically based on the requirements of each individual application due to its modular design. The technical data varies depending on the configuration and on the vacuum gripper chosen.

The following technical data are standard values.

Type Max. lift capacity [kg] Workpiece format* min.
Workpiece format* max.
Max. lifting speed [m/min] Max. lifting stroke Z
Height H** with vacuum pump [mm] Height H** with vacuum ejector
Lift tube Ø D
Flex 20 20 200x200 2,000x1,000 60 1,500 2,500 2,680 80
  20 200x200 2,000x1,000 60 1,800 2,800 2,980 80
Flex 35 35 200x200 2,000x1,000 60 1,500 2,500 2,680 100
  35 200x200 2,000x1,000 60 1,800 2,800 2,980 100
Flex 50 50 200x200 2,000x1,000 60 1,500 2,500 - 120
  50 200x200 2,000x1,000 60 1,800 2,800 - 120

*Depends on the vacuum gripper chosen
**Vacuum grippers not included (total height = H + height of the vacuum gripper

JumboFlex Weight-Control

With the integrated weighing device, loads can be lifted and weighed in a single movement.

JumboFlex Safety+

Two-hand release for extra safety. Adjustable, reduced lowering speed, e.g. for sensitive components or for disabled users.

JumboFlex Easy-Release

Reduced residual vacuum for easy release. The load is released using an additional release lever and only when fully lowered, e.g. with quadruple grippers or grippers with bellows suction cups.

JumboFlex Quick-Release

Allows loads to be deliberately ejected during lifting by means of an additional ejection lever. For use in baggage handling at airports or similar applications.

JumboFlex Air

The compressed air connection on the gripper connection allows individually designed grippers to be controlled pneumatically via the actuating lever.

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