Collaborative rope balancer SRBC

Manual handling takes on a new dimension

Increasingly customized products go hand in hand with increasingly complex processes – and, in turn, the way we handle goods also needs to adapt. The collaborative rope balancer SRBC from Schmalz represents a new class of lifting devices for handling in the digital age.

The intelligent rope balancer plays an important role in making this growing complexity manageable. It also enables new forms of collaboration between the operator and the device. The SRBC relieves the operator during the actual handling process, takes care of numerous additional tasks, and offers additional safety functions.

“Ergonomic and intuitive workpiece handling combined in a single system.”

Intuitive load control

  • Minimal handling effort at all times
  • Targeted control via the control handle or the load itself

Adjustable work space

  • Scope for dynamics and precision
  • Exact definition of the interference contours
  • Guidance and operation of the gripper

Safety through intelligence

  • Intelligent adjustment of the vacuum value, gripper, and workpiece weight
  • Ensures safe operation
  • The workpiece is only deposited once specific conditions have been met

IoT-enabled for optimized services

  • Predictive maintenance and diagnostics functions
  • Process data evaluation as well as energy and process control for use in digital factories


Collaborative rope balancer SRBC during handling

  • The SRBC assists the operator with increasingly complex tasks due to varying workpieces, weights, and pick-up and deposit sites
  • Motorized support is provided for operator movements in all three spatial dimensions
  • Machine loading: Quick movement until loading, followed by precise machine loading
  • Handling of fragile products: The workpiece is gently picked up and then deposited at the approved location only
  • Assembly tasks: Precise holding of the workpiece in a predefined position with no product overswing

Product highlights

  • IoT-enabled for optimized services via process data evaluation as well as energy and process control for use in digital factories
  • Safe operation via intelligent adjustment of the vacuum value, gripper, and workpiece weight
  • Intuitive load control thanks to minimal handling effort at all times
  • Targeted control via the control handle or the load itself
  • Adjustable working space allows for precise definition of interference contours as well as guidance and operation of the gripper

Design and function

(1) Coated steel crane column
(2) Aluminum jib with drive motors and sensors
(3) Ergonomic operator handle with hand recognition and intelligent sensors
(4) RFID-based end effector detection with operating hours meter
(5) Control cabinet

The collaborative rope balancer SRBC assists operators throughout the handling process. Regardless of its position, the SRBC from Schmalz is intuitive and easy to operate. This allows you to move up to 80 kg within the three dimensional space of the crane swivel range in an even and seemingly weightless manner. The entire process can be digitally monitored. The rope balancer SRBC can also be integrated into the digital factory via the cloud.

Picking up

  • Workpieces are picked up precisely and safely


  • Effortless and safe lifting thanks to weight and vacuum control


  • Workpiece detection based on weight or geometry


  • Operator effort is virtually eliminated thanks to axle-driven operation
  • Three different available drive speeds

Slow motion

  • Speed reduction as required at the press of a button
  • Handling without damage

Load transport

  • Gentle alternative for joining applications
  • Ergonomics remain intact even with large workpieces


  • Positioning and balancing of workpieces with millimeter precision


  • Predefined deposit site based on the workpiece
  • Simplified depositing routines via parameterizing

Intelligent safety functions

The SRBC from Schmalz increases work safety thanks to intelligent safety functions.

Parameterizable working area

You can preset the swivel radius of the SRBC. This allows the jib to automatically brake as it nears the preset virtual boundary. Parameters such as speed and position can be dynamically changed as a function of the working area.

Weight detection

The SRBC detects the weight of the workpiece to be handled and the permitted lift capacities of the various grippers. If the workpiece exceeds this lift capacity, it cannot be lifted. This affords maximum safety and a high degree of flexibility at the same time.

Reliable depositing

The SRBC detects whether it is permitted to deposit a workpiece. If the workpiece is still in the air, for example, or the operator’s hand is not on the handle, then it cannot be released.

The ergonomic operator handle of the SRBC

  • Hand detection
  • RFID-based end effector detection, operating hours meter, and program setting





Clearly structured user display with

  • start screen displaying system and operating information (1)
  • Automatic service interval display (2)
  • Real-time operator feedback for secure handling (3)

Technical data

  • Height of the lower edge of the jib: 2.5 to 4 m
  • Length of crane jib: 3 to 4.5 m
  • Swivel angle: 260°
  • Lift capacity: 80 kg
  • Gripper: Vacuum, mechanical, pneumatic or electrical