Custom Vacuum Suction Cups for Glass Working

The vacuum specialist Schmalz has developed new suction cups for grinding glass workpieces on flat table machines produced by the Japanese manufacturer Bando Kiko.

VCBL-GL vacuum block gripping automotive glass

The VCBL-GL vacuum block has impressively high absorption force – which allows material to be held securely and handled gently and is equally effective on dry and moist glass. With its VCBL-GL contoured suction cups, which are designed especially for smaller glass panes in the automotive industry, Schmalz offers a further variant that can be adapted to different component shapes based on the workpiece sizes.

In the two-circuit vacuum system in both variants, one vacuum circuit positions the suction cup on the machine table and the other fixes the workpiece in place. The sealing lips and sealing gaskets can be replaced: As a result, there is no need to change the complete suction cup in the event of wear. The vacuum block sealing lip is made from the material HT1, while the friction plate is made from special ElastoDur. Neither materials leave any marks on the surface of the workpiece. There are some special challenges when processing very thin glass: To prevent any deformation of the sensitive surface, the sealing lip return force is very low.

Schmalz produces its contoured suction cups for edging glass workpieces in the automotive industry tailored to its individual customers' specifications. Its focus there is usually on smaller panes such as rear-view mirrors or side windows. The lower suction plate is predefined with a square or rectangular base area, but can also be produced in custom shapes. The upper suction plate is produced based on the shape of the component.

Thanks to the custom suction plates, the available clamping area is fully utilized. The friction plate prevents the workpiece from moving and allows you to work the edges precisely and quickly. Schmalz provides the contoured suction cups in a special design with a reverse function. That lets you process left-hand and right-hand side windows with just one suction cup, because the base and suction plate both have the same shape.


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