• Clamping system for machining aluminum, plastic or CFRP and for particularly thin-walled workpieces
  • Simple and fast mounting on the machine table via clamping claws, vice or a zero point clamping system
  • Safe vacuum supply and monitoring possible with enclosed accessory sets (recommended vacuum generator: VAGG)
  • Clamping of a wide variety of workpieces thanks to great flexibility of sealing cord, mechanical stops and suction openings
  • Base module for Steel-Plate ISST, vacuum blocks ISBL and FlexMat SFM
Product Highlights
  • Low-distortion, low-vibration and damage-free clamping, especially of thin-walled and non-magnetic workpieces
  • High strength aluminum base body for high precision and flatness
  • Sophisticated accessories allow fast, comfortable and safe processing
  • Short set-up times and high flexibility due to compatibility with conventional clamping devices and zero point clamping systems
  • Patented friction pads increase lateral force absorption and enable shorter machining times or additional safety reserves
Matrix-Plate MPL
  • Main body (1) with integrated vacuum distribution made of high-strength aluminum with different grid dimensions
  • Optional friction pads (2) for improved lateral force absorption
  • Sealing cord (3) for sealing workpiece and Matrix-Plate
  • Vacuum connection set (4) for connecting various vacuum generators (e.g. VAGG)
  • Vacuum gauge (5) for monitoring the vacuum close to the workpiece
  • Mechanical stops (6) for positioning the workpiece
  • Basis of the modular system for metal and plastics processing
  • Low-distortion clamping of flat workpieces
  • Adaptable to all common machine tables
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