Venturi Pump

The venturi pumps from Schmalz are the perfect solution to generate vacuum pneumatically. A multitude of the venturi pumps offer intelligent functions for energy and process control. Thanks to their compact shape and the low weight the venturi pumps are especially suitable for industrial robot applications.

From ejector modules to decentralized ejectors and compact ejectors - Schmalz offers a broad product range of venturi pumps, suitable for you application. The venturi pumps including all relevant accessories and spare parts can be found and ordered in our online shop.

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Product range Venturi Pumps

Functional Principle of Venturi Pumps

The functional principle of venturi pumps is based on the Venturi principle. In general, the venturi pumps are divided into single stage venturi pumps and venturi pumps featuring eco-nozzle technology.

The compressed air is supplied through the compressed air connection to the venturi pump. It flows through the venturi nozzle of the venturi pump. During this process the air is accelerated and compressed. After flowing through the venturi nozzle, the accelerated air spreads in the venturi pump and a vacuum is created. Air is drawn in this way through the vacuum connection and a workpiece can be handled for example with the help of a suction cup. Afterwards, the compressed air and the aspirated air escape through the silencer of the venturi pump.

Venturi pumps featuring eco-nozzle technology have several venturi nozzles that are arranged in a row. The compressed air passes through the nozzles of the venturi pump one after another.  A higher total suction rate can be achieve this way as the volumes of the individual nozzles is added up.

Venturi Pump with Air-Saving Regulation

Venturi pumps with an integrated air-saving regulation interrupt the vacuum generation as soon as a secure vacuum value has been reached. The vacuum generation stays interrupted until the value falls below the preset minimum value. With falling below this value the vacuum generation is switched back on. The compressed air consumption of an compact ejector with an air-saving regulation is far less than of a conventional venturi pump. Reduce the energy consumption with these venturi pumps.

Schmalz Venturi Pump