Vacuum Technology

Vacuum technology covers all areas of handling that use vacuum as a medium. This handling technology is ideal for ergonomic and cost-efficient use in companies in a wide variety of industries. With its vacuum technology, Schmalz offers solutions for industry and trade, for example, in the fields of automotive, wood, plastics, logistics, metal/sheet metal, solar power and many more.

Areas of application for vacuum technology can be found in both manual handling and automation. In CNC machining centers and manual processing, a vacuum enables a wide variety of workpieces to be clamped securely.

Basic Components of Vacuum Technology

A vacuum generator provides the basis for a vacuum system. In vacuum technology, a distinction can be made between pneumatic and electrical vacuum generators. Pneumatic vacuum generators are operated using compressed air and therefore enable a very compact design. This means they can be mounted directly where the vacuum is required. The vacuum solutions from Schmalz thus ensure the shortest possible cycle times. Vacuum generators that work with compressed air are referred to as ejectors.

Electrical vacuum generation is characterized by maximum suction capacity, which makes it ideal for handling porous workpieces or components with gaps. In vacuum systems, electrical vacuum generators are also used for particularly heavy workpieces. These types of vacuum generators can also be divided into the categories “vacuum pump” and “vacuum blower.”

Another essential component of a vacuum system is the gripper that makes contact with the workpiece. At Schmalz, a distinction is made between vacuum suction cups and special grippers. The right suction cup is essential to ensure safe operation of the vacuum system. With its comprehensive range of suction cups and special grippers, Schmalz has the optimum gripper for every application.

The vacuum generator and vacuum suction cup components are common to most vacuum technology systems. Thanks to the wide range of options and variants, Schmalz ensures that every application in the field of vacuum technology meets the highest quality requirements.

Further Information

Due to the complexity of vacuum technology, Schmalz provides detailed information on the operating principle and design of a complete vacuum system in its Vacuum Knowledge section.

Vacuum knowledge

Vacuum Technology from Schmalz

Schmalz is the world market leader in the field of vacuum technology. With more than 4000 components, Schmalz boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products that are used in vacuum systems.

In addition to vacuum components, Schmalz also offers ready-to-use systems for a wide range of applications. They are split into vacuum handling systems, vacuum gripping systems and vacuum clamping systems.

Vacuum handling systems from Schmalz support you in all aspects of manual handling. They enable safe and ergonomic handling of a wide range of workpieces. The solutions for manual handling are divided into the vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster and the vacuum tube lifters Jumbo.