Vacuum switches for various applications

Vacuum switches enable the safe operation of a vacuum circuit. They are available in electronic or mechanical design. Switches operate in a measuring range from -1 to 10 bar. The outputs of the vacuum switches are digital or analog. Thanks to the IO-Link interface and integrated NFC chip, data can be read from the switch and measured values can be programmed in.

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Further information:
Product range of vacuum switches

Mechanical vacuum switches

Mechanical switches are particularly robust in their design and are characterized by their universal application possibilities. The existing vacuum is measured via a diaphragm. Then, depending on the version (electromagnetic or pneumatic), a microswitch or valve is actuated. To adjust the vacuum switches individually to the process parameters, they can be programmed switching points with fixed hysteresis.

Electronic vacuum switches

Electronic vacuum switches are characterized by their compact design and great accuracy in switching processes and repetitions. The electronic switches are equipped with a digital display to increase the comfort for the operator. Switches are often used in applications where fast switching times are to be realized.