Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are used to generate a vacuum. There are three different basic types of pump at Schmalz, and these are available in different sizes. These vacuum generators have a high suction rate, which enables them to handle porous and air-permeable workpieces. This makes them a crucial element for lifting and transporting objects of all kinds with a vacuum.

Schmalz offers a wide range of vacuum pumps. You can easily order the pumps, along with all the relevant accessories, from our online shop.

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Product range of vacuum pumps

Functional Principle of Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump contains a ribbed impeller that is mounted eccentrically. The ribs in the pump are pressed outward by the centrifugal force, creating chambers of different sizes. These chambers are sealed by the ribs. The rotation causes the chambers to enlarge and the air to expand. The air pressure in the vacuum generator therefore decreases, producing a vacuum. During this process, the air is sucked out on the suction side of the vacuum generator. The compressed air (exhaust air) exits through the outlet opening of the pump.

The considerable compression of vacuum pumps enables them to generate a very high vacuum and means they have a relatively high suction rate depending on the type.

Advantages of Vacuum Pumps:

  • High vacuum level with high evacuation volume
  • Centralized vacuum generation with pumps

Typical Areas of Application::

  • Vacuum pumps are used for centralized vacuum generation in gantry transfer systems
  • In manual vacuum handling systems
  • In packaging machines

Schmalz Vacuum Pump