A Vacuum Lifter for Handling Wood

Vacuum lifters for wood are devices in materials handling that are able to lift, move and deposit large, flat and largely airtight workpieces with the help of vacuum. For lighter wooden workpieces, Schmalz offers a solution with the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo series. The ergonomic VacuMaster series enables optimum handling of heavy wooden panels, boards and blocks.


The most important features of vacuum lifters for wood are ergonomic handling and increased efficiency. The vacuum lifters VacuMaster are ideal for picking up, depositing and swiveling solid wooden boards. The vacuum lifters from Schmalz thus ensure a health-oriented workplace for your employees, which in turn helps to reduce sick leave and increase productivity.

Options for Handling Wood

We can provide the optimum solution for handling wood. Selecting the right vacuum lifter depends on the maximum weight of your workpieces as well as the type of handling and alignment. Whatever the application, choose the right vacuum lifter for your specific requirements:

  • The vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo from Schmalz is designed for responsive and precise handling of wood in different formats weighing up to 300 kg.
  • The VacuMaster Basic and Comfort have a flexible modular system for your standard application in the wood industry. Heavy loads weighing multiple tons are moved safely and ergonomically.

The lifting devices VacuMaster Multi, HHVM and VHB are designed for special industry requirements and lift capacities.


  • The VacuMaster Multi is suitable for handling large and heavy airtight or porous wooden boards as well as rough and coated MDF, OSB and particle board.
  • The VacuMaster HHVM is suitable for vertical handling of wooden boards and for swiveling workpieces 90° from horizontal to the left or right. It is ideal for removing wooden boards from upright storage and for loading and unloading vertical and rip saws.
  • The VacuMaster VHB is suitable for horizontal handling of narrow workpieces such as planks, boards and beams with a minimum width of 120 mm.


Schmalz Products for Handling Wood

We will find the right vacuum lifter for your application involving wood.

The Right Schmalz Crane System for Every Vacuum Lifter for Wood

To ensure ergonomic handling of wood with the vacuum lifter, Schmalz can help you choose the right crane system. The aluminum crane systems and jib cranes have been precisely adapted to the lift capacities of the vacuum lifters. The modular system allows the vacuum lifter for wood and crane system to be easily integrated into your working environment.

Vacuum Lifters in Action

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