The Vacuum Lifter for Wood, Sheet Metal, Glass and Stone Sheets

Vacuum lifters for sheets made of various materials including wood, sheet metal, glass and stone are devices in materials handling that are able to lift, move and deposit heavy sheets with the help of a vacuum. The range of Schmalz vacuum lifters is divided into two categories: the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo and the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster:


We will find the right solution for your sheet handling application: Selecting the right vacuum lifter for your application depends on the maximum weight of your workpieces as well as the type of handling and alignment. In the wood industry, vacuum lifters ensure efficient loading of CNC machining centers or panel dividing saws and meet the highest requirements when it comes to swiveling or turning workpieces, for example. When handling steel sheets or metal, CNC laser cutting machines are loaded and unloaded, and fragile windows and heavy glass sheets are effortlessly moved by one person in a way that is protected against breakage. Vacuum lifters also ensure efficient material flow in other sectors. Schmalz is a proven partner when it comes to supplying vacuum lifters and crane systems — from universal devices to customer-specific solutions.

Options for Handling Materials Such as Wood, Sheet Metal, Glass Sheets or Stone

Choose between different vacuum lifters depending on the application:

  • Workpieces weighing up to 300 kg can be moved quickly and efficiently using the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo. This device is usually used for porous and air-permeable workpieces such as cardboard boxes, sacks or wooden boards.
  • With the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster, heavy loads weighing up to several tons can be handled ergonomically and safely. It is often used for smooth and airtight workpieces such as metal plates and glass sheets.

Schmalz Products for Handling Sheets Made of Various Materials Including Wood, Sheet Metal, Glass and Stone

We will find the right vacuum lifter for your application. Choose from the following vacuum lifters:

Vacuum Tube Lifter Jumbo

Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster

The Right Schmalz Crane System for Every Vacuum Lifter for Sheets

To ensure ergonomic handling of sheets with the vacuum lifter, Schmalz can help you choose the right crane system. The aluminum crane systems and jib cranes have been precisely adapted to the lift capacities of the vacuum lifters. The modular system allows the vacuum lifter and crane system to be easily integrated into your working environment.

Vacuum Lifters in Action

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