Safe Handling of Natural Stone with a Vacuum Lifter from Schmalz

Vacuum lifters for natural stone are devices in materials handling that are able to lift, move and deposit heavy and unwieldy natural stone with the help of a vacuum. The vacuum tube lifter Jumbo can be used for this application:

Ergonomics and increased efficiency are among the most important features of vacuum lifters for natural stone from Schmalz. As a result, you can reduce or avoid absences due to illness and thus increase productivity.

Options for Handling Natural Stone

Choose one of the two vacuum lifters to handle your natural stone:

  • You can ergonomically move natural stone weighing up to 300 kg with the two vacuum tube lifters JumboErgo and JumboSprint. The vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo is ideal for workpieces with different formats. The vacuum tube lifter JumboSprint is ideal when using compact workpieces.

Schmalz Products for Handling Natural Stone

Discover the perfect vacuum lifter for handling natural stone:

Application Examples

The Vacuum lifter JumboErgo facilitates stone picking applications

During production, the stone storage of the automated kiln trolleys must be repaired and replaced from time to time. Previously, these stones weighing up to 50 kg had to be moved by hand. Purchasing the vacuum lifter JumboErgo can improve the working conditions of the employees.

In combination with an aluminum crane system, the tube lifter JumboErgo offers the perfect solution for lifting stones horizontally from the kiln trolley and replacing them with new stones. Only one person is needed to move the stone. The tube lifter JumboErgo is equipped with a four head suction cup that can be flexibly adapted to the various types of stone and guarantees safe operation.

The Right Schmalz Crane System for Every Vacuum Lifter for Natural Stone

The Schmalz modular system allows the vacuum tube lifter to be perfectly integrated into your working environment. The Schmalz vacuum lifter for natural stone is enhanced with a crane system that is precisely tailored to your application.

Vacuum Lifters in Action

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