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In the field of vacuum lifters and crane systems, Schmalz offers innovative handling solutions for industry and trade. Our intelligent solutions make production and logistics processes more flexible and efficient, while also preparing them for the increasing trend toward digitalization.

Vacuum lifters from Schmalz ensure ergonomic and efficient material flows in numerous industries and applications. Whether handling light goods at high cycle frequencies or handling heavy and unwieldy loads: Vacuum tube lifters and lifting devices from Schmalz help to prevent health problems caused by lifting and carrying. In combination with the smooth-running aluminum crane systems and jib cranes from Schmalz, you can create the perfect tool for the job.

The range of Schmalz vacuum lifters is divided into two categories: the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo and the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster:

Our vacuum lifters comply with the European Machinery Directive. Before it is shipped, each lifting device receives an individual inspection, a CE mark, a CE Declaration of Conformity or a CE Declaration of Incorporation, and technical documentation.

Our Range of Options

Schmalz provides handling technology for manual lifting tasks in numerous industries. The solutions consist of a vacuum lifter in the form of a tube lifter Jumbo or a lifting device VacuMaster.

Vacuum Tube Lifter Jumbo

Vacuum Lifting Devices from our modular system

Configured Lifting Devices for Special Loads and Industry Requirements

Schmalz has the right crane system for every vacuum lifter

Schmalz can provide suitable crane systems for ergonomic handling with the vacuum lifter. The aluminum crane systems and jib cranes have been precisely adapted to the lift capacities of the vacuum lifters. The modular system allows the vacuum lifter and crane system to be easily integrated into your working environment.

Vacuum Lifters in Action

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