Handling Glass with a Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum lifters for windows, glass sheets and glass components are devices in materials handling that are able to lift, rotate, move and deposit glass safely and without leaving any marks with the help of a vacuum. The Schmalz vacuum lifters for glass are sub-categories of the lifting device VacuMaster series:


Safe handling that leaves few marks is one of the most important features of vacuum lifters for glass. The VacuMaster allows for effortless and safe handling of workpieces by just one operator. As a result, you can reduce or avoid absences due to illness and thus increase productivity.

Options for Handling Glass

Choose between the two vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster Glass and VacuMaster Window for your glass application. The VacuMaster Glass is used outdoors for the safe handling of building glass. The VacuMaster Window is used to move windows, glass sheets and glass components vertically indoors.

Schmalz Products for Handling Glass

Discover our two vacuum lifting devices for glass handling, the VacuMaster Window and VacuMaster Glass:

A Suitable Crane System for Your Vacuum Lifter

The lifting device VacuMaster series is supplemented by individual crane systems. The aluminum crane systems and jib cranes have been adapted to the lift capacities of the vacuum lifters. The modular system allows for simple integration of the vacuum lifter and crane system into your existing working environment.

Vacuum Lifters in Action

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