Tube Lifter

Tube lifters are used to grip and move workpieces in intralogistics and other handling processes and then set them down again. Schmalz lifting aids are operated using a vacuum. The Schmalz vacuum lifter portfolio comprises the three variants JumboFlex, JumboErgo und JumboSprint.

Tube lifters from Schmalz can be used in a variety of internal logistics processes.

You can find information on our tube lifters here:

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboErgo

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboSprint

Tube Lifters in Action

Schmalz tube lifters take the strain off employees in a variety of applications and thus prevent absences. Even with light loads, several tons are often moved over the course of one shift. Schmalz vacuum tube lifters not only ensure less downtime, but also increase employee motivation by reducing work-related strain. As a result, the handling speed remains at a high level and does not decrease over time, as with manual handling.

Tube Lifter Portfolio

Schmalz tube lifters are divided into three basic types: Lightweight goods of up to 50 kg are moved ergonomically and at a high cycle frequency with the vacuum lifter JumboFlex. The lifting aids JumboSprint and JumboErgo share a modular product system and are designed for heavier loads of up to 300 kg. They have different operator handles.

Thanks to its extensive range of features, the tube lifter JumboFlex i is a great all-rounder. The flexibility that gives it its name is achieved through a number of innovative features. For example, the intuitive one-finger control makes it possible to lift, lower and release the load with a single finger. The standard quick-change adapter enables various vacuum grippers to be replaced in a matter of seconds. Last but not least, the variety of different vacuum grippers for a wide range of applications underlines the adaptability of the JumboFlex.

The two tube lifters JumboErgo and JumboSprint allow for ergonomic handling of heavy loads. The different operator handles are perfectly matched to the respective requirements. The twist grip of the JumboErgo is based on a motorcycle and thus allows the operator to move workpieces gently and accurately. The JumboErgo is particularly suitable for large-area workpieces such as sheets, cardboard boxes, etc. The rotating bow-shaped operator handle of the JumboSprint is very easy to operate and helps the operator to precisely set the vacuum lifter down on compact workpieces such as sacks or rubber bales.

Comprehensive Range of Grippers for Our Tube Lifters

Schmalz tube lifters can incorporate a comprehensive range of grippers. This includes round vacuum grippers for compact workpieces, round vacuum grippers with skirts for plastic sacks, or double, quadruple and multiple vacuum grippers for various types of cardboard boxes. In addition to vacuum grippers, Schmalz vacuum lifters can also be equipped with suspension hooks or mechanical grippers, which clearly demonstrates the versatility of the platform.

The Right Tube Lifter for Every Vacuum System

Our experienced Schmalz system consultants will be happy to help and advise you in designing the right lifting technology or your requirements– contact us for information! You can find out more about our lifting aids here: Vacuum Tube Lifter Jumbo. You can see Schmalz vacuum lifters in actionin our media center.