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Material handling equipments are devices in handling processes that are able to lift, move loads and put them down again with the help of vacuum. Material handling equipments from Schmalz can be divided into two product groups; the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo and the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster. Our material handling equipments are very versatile: the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo is especially suitable for a variety of intra-logistic materials handling tasks, while the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster is more often used in a variety of production processes.

Ergonomics and efficiency are the two major aims of material handling equipments from Schmalz. Create ergonomic work stations that meet health and safety standards with the material handling equipments from Schmalz. Their intelligent and innovative design will support you with this task. These enable ill health-related stoppages to be reduced or avoided. Work free from fatigue, an increase in productivity and a rise in morale can be achieved with our material handling equipments.

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Material Handling Equipments and Their Application Areas

Schmalz material handling equipments can be used in many different application areas. Vacuum tube lifters Jumbo help with handling operations with different kinds of loads, e.g. sheets, boxes, sacks, barrels, buckets, or even suitcases at airports. The tube lifters are particularly popular in internal logistics processes in dispatch and picking processes. They lift loads of up to 300 kg quickly and ergonomically and therefore facilitate the lifting processes.

Vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster from Schmalz are used to handle heavier workpieces like metal sheets, wood or plastic sheets, barrels and windows and glass sheets. Heavy loads of up to 750 kg may be handled comfortably and safely using the material handling equipments.

The Versatile Material Handling Equipments from Schmalz

Material Handling Equipments from Schmalz are offered in a variety of designs. All material handling equipments have particular features, however they all have one thing in common: the innovative and simple configurability ensures that you, receive exactly the material handling equipment that is exactly designed to meet your  application requirements.

Schmalz also offers specific material handling equipments for special handling tasks. These solutions are usually based on the material handling equipment VacuMaster's platform and were developed particularly for a variety of sector applications. With these material handling equipments it is possible to meet also industry-specific requirements in the handling device.

Material Handling Equipments for Handling Large and Flat Workpieces

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster is used if large or very heavy workpieces need to be handled handled with a material handling equipment. In the standard version a distinction is made between the VacuMaster Basic and VacuMaster Comfort. Workpieces of up to 750 kg can be handled safely and ergonomically with both types of material handling equipments. The main difference between these two material handling equipments is the operating element: the lifting device VacuMaster Basic's operating handle is characterized by its comprehensive standard configuration. The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Comfort offers additional equipment, such as an integrated air-saving function and reliable release of the load. Both material handling equipments have an integrated vacuum reservoir in the load beam, i.e. in case of a sudden power failure the loads won't be falling over.

Material Handling Equipment for Frequent and Rapid Movement of Workpieces

Schmalz offers material handling equipments also for the rapid lifting and movement of workpieces of up to 300 kg in high cycle frequency in the form of a vacuum tube lifter Jumbo. Vacuum tube lifters from Schmalz are divided into three types: lightweight goods of up to 50 kg are moved ergonomically and at a high cycle frequency with the JumboFlex. The JumboSprint and the JumboErgo are designed for larger loads of up to 300 kg. Although they share a product package, the material handling equipments Jumbo differ in terms of the operator handles that are perfectly adapted to the customer's particular requirements. The JumboErgo's rotary handle allows the operator to move workpieces sensitively and accurately, while the rotary bow-shaped operator handle of the vacuum lifter JumboSpirit supports accurate placement on compact workpieces.

The vacuum lifter JumboFlex focuses on the flexibility. Workpieces can be picked up, lowered and released again using the innovative one-finger control. The series quick-change adapter enables the operator to switch between different suction cups in a matter of seconds. The material handling equipment can therefore be used in many different tasks in the shortest possible time.

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We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

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