Lifting Devices

Lifting devices are used in a variety of internal production processes. Schmalz lifting aids are operated using a vacuum and are therefore referred to as vacuum lifters.

Schmalz lifting devices are divided into tube lifters and classic lifting devices.
Selection guide Tube Lifter or Lifting device

The Schmalz range includes lifting aids for a wide variety of applications. These systems range from standard models to specific industry solutions. For example, lifting devices can be used to handle metal sheets, wood or plastic sheets, barrels and windows or glass sheets.

Using lifting devices from Schmalz can make many production processes more efficient and streamlined. At the same time, our lifting devices provide ergonomic, healthy working conditions. This reduces the amount of time that employees are absent from work and increases productivity.

Tube Lifters for Loads up to 300 kg

The tube lifter Jumbo accelerates production processes. Tube lifters are attached directly to a crane. They grip, lift and lower the workpieces using only vacuum technology — no additional chain hoist is required. These lifting devices handle loads weighing up to 300 kg effortlessly.

Schmalz Lifting Devices Speed up Production Processes

Schmalz lifting devices are divided into the VacuMaster Basic und VacuMaster Comfort.The lifting device VacuMaster Comfort offers additional equipment. The load is released using the reliable large control handle with two-button operation. This prevents the load from being released accidentally. The standard air-saving function reduces compressed air consumption by up to 40%, thereby improving operating costs. Schmalz lifting aids have a vacuum reservoir integrated in the load beam as standard that prevents the load from falling over in the event of a sudden power failure. It also accelerates the intake of the load in repeated lifting operations.

The operator handle of the lifting device is connected to the basic module. The basic module contains the vacuum generator, an audible warning device as well as all the measuring and control devices of the vacuum lifter.

A comprehensive range of accessories is available to ensure that the Schmalz vacuum lifting device can be specifically tailored to the particular application. Individual suction plates can be selected for deactivation using the optional suction plate disconnector. This prevents the vacuum from dropping when handling workpieces with gaps or damaged areas. For applications requiring workpieces to be stacked very high, the work can be performed ergonomically using the optional swiveling and locking operator handle. Schmalz lifting devices can even be used in wet processes. Schmalz offers an optional maintenance-free water separator to protect the vacuum lifter against the ingress of water.


The Perfect Lifting Device for Every Industry

Schmalz also offers specific lifting aids for special handling tasks. These special solutions are based on the platform of the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster and were developed specially for a variety of sector applications.

The VacuMaster Vario is used when handling loads weighing up to two tons — for example when loading and unloading machines with large-format plates and metal plates. Solutions with even higher load-bearing capacities are available upon request.

The flexibility of the VacuMaster platform is effectively demonstrated by the VacuMaster Eco. The lifting device moves smooth and airtight loads weighing up to 750 kg without requiring an external power source to generate the vacuum. The necessary vacuum is entirely generated by the lifting force of the chain hoist.

The VacuMaster Window is used to handle glass gently and ergonomically. Heavy windows weighing up to 300 kg with sash parts or mullions protruding up to 45 mm can be handled safely leaving few marks.

Traditionally, the timber processing industry presents a number of challenges for Schmalz lifting devices. Porous workpieces, often containing gaps, cracks or damaged areas, need to be moved safely and gently. However, Schmalz is able to rise to the challenge with its trio of powerful lift systems. With its powerful vacuum blower and extra large suction plates, the vacuum lifter VacuMaster Multi is perfect for horizontal handling of large and heavy, airtight or porous wooden boards. The lifting device VacuMaster HHVM is specifically designed for applications such as loading a vertical saw or removing wooden boards from upright storage. Loads of up to 200 kg can be safely swiveled by 90 degrees. The low overall height also allows the lifting aid to be used in tight spaces. The range is supplemented by the VacuMaster VHB. This system can handle heavy but narrow workpieces weighing up to 500 kg such as planks, boards and bars with a minimum width of 120 mm. This is useful for loading rip saws, for example. Two separate suction areas per suction plate and self-closing shut-off valves guarantee safe handling even if there are cracks or damaged areas on the workpiece.

Schmalz also has the perfect solution for handling coils. The VacuMaster Coil was designed specifically for lifting coils weighing up to one ton. The system allows for exact positioning and secure suction of coils and deposits the coils flush to the floor where required.

The VacuMaster Light completes the product range. It operates in a lower weight category and is suitable for handling loads of up to 100 kg, for example metal plates, plastic sheets, barrels, furniture bodies, furniture parts or sections.