Handling Technology

Principles of Handling Technology

The term handling is derived from the human hand and is used to designate automatic processes for manipulating objects. Handling means changing the position or location of an object, that is, gripping something, moving it and putting it down again in a certain place. Handling is therefore a sub-function of the material flow. If handling technology devices place workpieces in machining centers, tools are changed, parts assembled or a welding torch is guided, they are part of production automation.

Schmalz is the world's leading provider of vacuum handling technology.

Vacuum technology is used in automated and manual processes. Schmalz offers solutions for customers from virtually all industries.

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Handling Technology at Schmalz

In terms of handling technology, a distinction can be made between vacuum technology for automated processes and for manual processes. The Schmalz product portfolio includes systems for both applications: Vacuum gripping systems and vacuum components for automation permanently reduce cycle times and operating costs of automated handling equipment. Vacuum lifters and crane systems allow ergonomic and safe working in manual handling tasks.

The areas of application are varied, for example Schmalz handling technology is used in processing solar wafers, picking goods, loading saw mills with wood or in intralogistics. Using Schmalz vacuum technology for gripping and moving applications offers a number of unique benefits:


  • Vacuum-based gripping protects the workpiece from damage — even porous or perforated workpieces can be lifted without damage using the appropriate grippers.
  • Workpieces such as glass sheets or solar wafers can be gripped without leaving marks.
  • The innovative technology from Schmalz helps to reduce cycle times and operating costs thanks to adapted designs.
  • Where previously a lot of strength and time had to be expended, modern Schmalz handling technology now enables ergonomic and fatigue-free movement of even heavy workpieces in the shortest possible time.
  • Our experienced Schmalz system consultants know your industry and work with you to develop the perfect solution for your handling requirements.

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See Schmalz vacuum technology in action: Schmalz handling technology in use. You can find more information about our products here: Vacuum technology for automation and here: Handling technology for manual processes.