Handling Systems

Manual and automatised handling solutions with vacuum 

Automated Handling Systems

  • Connected to industrial robots
  • Ready-to-connect systems or components for individual design of systems
  • Largest portfolio on the market
  • Solutions for standard and complex applications
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

Manual Handling Systems

  • Connected to a crane
  • Ready-to-connect system, optionally with matching craneAnschlussfertiges Komplettsystem optional mit passendem Kran
  • Wordwide leading provider
  • Solutions for handling tasks in various industries
  • Increased number of cycles and stock turnover

Manual handling systems

Manual handling systems are controlled by a person. Handling systems relieve operators of the weight of the workpieces. Productivity and handling speed can be increased in the long term as a result. The workpiece is picked up by the handling system using a vacuum and can then be lifted and transported by the operator.

Safety for the operator and process reliability are our main priorities when developing handling systems. The handling systems satisfy or exceed current European and international safety guidelines. The operator is working with a handling system equipped with various warning functions and safety functions.

Improving ergonomics for the operator is also vital when developing handling systems. Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common reason for absence from work. Continual lifting of heavy loads puts the worker's health at risk. Handling systems relieve operators of the weight of the workpieces. The worker can then assume an ergonomic working posture, which minimizes the risk of health issues.

Manual handling systems can be divided into two different types: vacuum tube lifters and vacuum lifting devices. The tube lifter Jumbo handles workpieces up to 300 kg in weight. The lifting device VacuMaster can lift loads weighing several tons.

The handling systems are attached to a crane. As well as providing ergonomic handling systems, Schmalz also offers responsive crane systems made of aluminum.

Automated Handling Systems

In contrast to the manual handling systems, automated vacuum technology from Schmalz is designed to be used with industrial robots. For example, these systems are used in production lines for the automotive industry, for processing solar panels, for packaging processes or in intra-logistics.

Ready-to-connect handling systems for automated processes

Schmalz refers to automated handling systems as vacuum gripping systems. These are divided into four product categories: layer gripping systems, suction spiders and end effectors. The handling systems are individually configured according to the requirements of the application. They can be used to reduce cycle times or shorten processes as much as possible. Our experienced systems consultants will be happy to help all customers design a customized handling system. Optimum use of lightweight materials and extremely low energy consumption also ensures that operating costs are reduced in the long term. Noise pollution is also reduced thanks to the low noise levels of the automated vacuum technology from Schmalz.

Components for designing handling systems for automated processes

In addition, Schmalz supplies over 6,000 different vacuum components, which can be used to adapt automatic handling systems to almost any application. Among these are various vacuum suction cups, mounting elements or vacuum generators. Schmalz also supplies special grippers for demanding applications, which enable safe gripping of highly specific workpieces.

Vacuum components can be easily purchased online. Download CAD models, monitor your order status and benefit from the attractive terms and conditions of our shop.

Vacuum components in the online shop

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See Schmalz’s manual and automated handling systems in action: Schmalz vacuum technology in use. You can find information on our handling systems here: Vacuum lifters and crane systems and here: Vacuum technology for automation.

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