Gripping Systems

Gripping Systems are used in all areas of automatic handling. Application areas of Schmalz gripping systems are for example handling of wood, packaging and cardboard as well as intralogistics and sheet metal forming. Gripping systems from Schmalz Gripping systems from Schmalz operate with vacuum. Therefore, they are called vacuum gripping systems. They are divided in four different product categories: Area gripping systems, vacuum layer gripping systems, vacuum suction spiders and vacuum end effectors. Gripping systems from Schmalz are adapted individually to the application of the customer and projected in cooperation with our Schmalz product experts.

Area gripping systems and end effectors
Vacuum gripping systems

Area Gripping Systems for Automated Processes

The area gripping systems FXP and FMP from Schmalz persuade with great flexibility. The gripping systems allow applications such as automatic palletizing, depalletizing, commissioning and sorting of different workpieces. Due to their unique suction force area gripping systems are suitable for a lot of different workpiece sizes and materials. Cardboard, wood, metal sheets, plastics and even workpieces with openings can be handled effortlessly.

The advantages are obvious: Little tare weight allows maximum process acceleration and lowers the system costs at the same time because smaller robots can be used. The flow-optimized design lowers operation costs long-lasting and with the integrated silencer the sound level is reduced to 74 dB (A).

When handling compact workpieces, the gripping systems FX and FM can be used as well. They enlarge the handling spectrum of the bigger FXP/FMP downwards and demonstrate impressively the flexibility of the gripping system portfolio.

Area gripping systems from Schmalz are equipped with either an integrated vacuum generator or connection valves for an external vacuum source depending on the customers’ request.

Vacuum Layer Gripping Systems for Warehouse Logistics and Intralogistics

Vacuum layer gripping systems SPZ from Schmalz increase the productive capacity during the automatic handling of products and workpieces in many industries. Application areas of layer gripping systems from Schmalz are for example palletizing and depalletizing in layers of a wide range of goods or the use in warehouse and intralogistics. The layer gripping system SPZ allows the handling of layers with gaps, mixed layers, intermediate layers, pallets, cardboard packaging and film packaging. Due to an innovative combination of vacuum technology and mechanical support even incomplete pallets can be loaded and unloaded.

For typical applications in certain industries Schmalz developed industry-specific layer gripping systems: The gripping system SPZ Glass handles layers of glasses and cans, while the gripping system SPZ Packaging palletizes and depalletizes cardboards or beverage trays. The SPZ Logistics is used in warehouse logistics and intralogistics and handles various product layers. For the de-stacking of cut-optimized wooden or metal sheets the gripping system SPZ Nesting was developed.

Schmalz offers for its layer gripping systems a wide range of accessories. An optional sensor unit optimizes cycle times. Vacuum-detection and part monitoring increase the process security. To protect from collisions it is possible to build in a collision monitoring in the floating attachment of the gripping system. The optional frequency converter enables to regulate the blower independent from workpiece and process. As a result the energy consumption of the gripping system can be reduced by thirty to seventy percent. The special deep-freezing design is recommended, for applications where the temperature is very low (up to -30°C).

Customized Gripping Systems

The vacuum suction spider SSP forms the basis for the customized solutions for end-of-arm-tooling from Schmalz. Thanks to the extensive catalogue with over 3.500 standardized vacuum components the gripping system can be configured for the particular application. Thereby, the application areas of the gripping system SSP are versatile: It is used in automation of handling flows in manufacturing, assembly and quality control processes, in linking robots in presses and bending centers and automation of plastic injection molding machines, deep drawing machines, laser machines and punching maschines. The materials a gripping system SSP can handle are versatile: Metal sections, blanks, stone, sheet materials, car body parts, glass and ceramic components, solar panels and so on.

Gripping Systems for Highspeed Packaging Processes

For pick and place applications with delta, scara or articulated-arm robots Schmalz developed the vacuum end effector VEE. The gripping system is used for fully automatic filling of cardboard boxes in case packers or in primary and secondary packaging processes. Thanks to a unique flexibility the gripping system VEE is suitable for the usage in flexible packaging machines with frequent changes of the format. The vacuum end effector VEE can be equipped with a great number of different suction cups which allows the handling of various materials.

Gripping Systems from Schmalz