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Clamping devices from Schmalz allow efficient setup of grid table, flat table and console table systems from well-known machine manufacturers. 

Whether you need initial equipment, modernization of existing machines or spare parts for your clamping solutions, Schmalz can provide a wide range of clamping devices. You can easily order the clamping solutions, along with all the relevant accessories, from our online shop.

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Range of clamping devices

Clamping devices act as connection pieces between the machine and workpiece

Depending on the machine type, the clamping devices are placed on the machine and attached using the vacuum. A clamping solution is used to hold workpieces on the machine to ensure safe processing and perfect milling results.

Thanks to many years of experience as a partner of various machine manufacturers, Schmalz is skilled in a number of areas including clamping solutions. Schmalz offers clamping systems for a wide range of industries.

Clamping Device for Wood Working

Schmalz offers a range of clamping devices for wood working. The clamping solutions were developed specifically for console, flat table and grid table systems. Do you already have a CNC machining center? If so, it can be easily modernized thanks to the Innospann clamping solution from Schmalz. Narrow parts are often difficult to clamp. This problem can be resolved with one of our clamping systems with frame clamps. The Multi-Clamp is the ideal clamping device for manual processing of workpieces —for use during grinding, drilling or screwing processes, for example.

Clamping Device for Metal and Plastic Processing

Clamping devices increase flexibility and shorten set-up processes. This means that even the smallest quantities can be produced economically. Thanks to the Schmalz Matrix Plate, even components that are difficult to clamp can be secured precisely and without distortion.

Clamping Device for Glass Working

Clamping systems for glass workpieces must meet special requirements. It is extremely important that these components can be secured reliably and precisely. The clamping devices from Schmalz for glass working are equipped with special friction pads and guarantee precise results, even in challenging working conditions.

Do you Manufacture Machines or Are You a Machine Supplier?

Schmalz develops custom-made clamping devices for vacuum-operated machines, irrespective of the manufacturer. Do you have a unique application scenario? Contact us to find out more!

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