Bridge Crane

Schmalz bridge cranes offer flexibility and ease of movement. Thanks to the modular design, the crane system can be perfectly integrated into the existing hall.

They work with our lifting devices to form a strong team that you can rely on. In particular, they increase ergonomics and efficiency in handling processes with high cycle frequencies.

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Schmalz Bridge Crane system

Often, a bridge crane can be referred to as a portal frame. Crane systems are attached to existing hall ceilings. They are rail-supported, therefore the movement of the hoist follows a predefined rail system. Overhead cranes from Schmalz can be configured as single-girder, double-girder or monorail crane systems.

Cranes are used in almost all internal production, assembly and logistics processes. A crane system covers a very large work space and optimally utilizes the available area. As a result, Schmalz cranes ensure speed, safety and precise positioning of the workpiece — even when transporting heavy loads with large span lengths.

Schmalz bridge cranes are made of high-quality aluminum. Thanks to its low weight, the crane system has excellent ease of movement. The cranes from Schmalz have a modular design: As a result, the crane systems can be individually configured to fit the ceiling structure of the hall.

By carrying out independent physical strength calculations of all load-bearing components according to the FEM method, Schmalz bridge cranes also ensure maximum safety. All crane systems from Schmalz meet the current standards in technology (DIN EN 13001: Hoist class HC2, hoist type HD1).

Bridge Cranes with Highly Flexible and Durable Aluminum Sections

The aluminum crane section SRA is extremely resistant to bending and torsion. Sections in five different thicknesses can be selected to meet customer requirements. Depending on the section thickness of the bridge crane, loads of up to 1,200 kg can be carried. The lightweight aluminum sections can reach a length of up to eight meters, which can be further extended using rail connectors.

The load is distributed evenly across all load-bearing rollers using the transport trolley TRO-SRA. This prevents the carriages from tilting. With just a single transport trolley, the crane girder and lifting device are connected to the gantry crane.

Ovewrhead cranes can be combined with the chaine hoist SCH, a rope balancer or a vacuum lifter from Schmalz. Schmalz cranes increase ergonomics and operating speed thanks to their high flexibility and large working area.

Comprehensive Range of Accessories for Bridge Cranes

Schmalz bridge cranes can be supplemented by a wide range of accessories. The crane system can then be optimally adapted to customer requirements. The following accessories are available:

  • Electrical travel drive with infinitely variable travel speed
  • Curve radii for creating true-running monorails
  • Wireless energy supply for powering supplied devices
  • Cushioned end stops for gentle stopping of transport trolleys (can also be retrofitted)

Do you have any questions about bridge cranes?

Our experienced Schmalz system consultants will be happy to help and advise you in designing the right crane system for your requirements - take advantage of our expertise! You can find further information on our cranes here: Schmalz Bridge Cranes. In our media center, you can see cranes and vacuum lifters working together..