Bellows Suction Cup

Schmalz has a wide range of bellows suction cups.

This means that the right suction cup can be used for every application. You can easily order the suction cups, along with all the relevant accessories, from the online shop.

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Range of bellows suction cups

Bellows Suction Cups Connect the Handling System and Workpiece

Bellows suction cups consist of suction cups (elastomer part) with one or more bellows. Bellows suction cups are oval or round. In addition to bellows suction cups, Schmalz also provides flat suction cups.

Bellows suction cups are selected based on their bellows. The bellows ensure gentle positioning on the workpiece. The suction cup cushions the vacuum system to protect the workpiece. The bellows also make the suction cup particularly flexible and adaptable. This means that the vacuum suction cup can compensate for some inaccuracies, such as height differences or unevenness.

Once the suction cup is placed on the workpiece, the sealing lip seals the vacuum gripper. The air can now be sucked out of the suction cup. The bellows suction cup contracts while lifting the workpiece (lifting effect). This effect is used, for example, when a workpiece has to be lifted or stacked from a mold.

Bellows suction cups are often used in packaging processes. They are suitable for handling non-rigid workpieces, such as products packaged in film. However, these vacuum suction cups are also used to handle electronic components. The gentle damping effect is particularly useful in this application. Compensating for heights and careful handling is required when moving uneven car body parts or pipes and cardboard boxes.

SVacuum grippers are either inserted directly into the gripping system or screwed into the gripping system using a connection element. When combined with the connection element, the bellows suction cup (elastomer part) becomes a bellows vacuum gripper.

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