Sack Lifter

Sack lifters are used in various industries to make it easier to grip, move and then deposit heavy and bulky sacks. Schmalz sack lifters are operated with a vacuum. Vacuum lifters are available for various Schmalz lifting aids: JumboFlex, JumboErgo and JumboSprint..

Schmalz lifting aids can support a variety of handling processes.

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Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex
Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboErgo
Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboSprint

Sack Lifters for Easy Handling of Heavy Sacks

Sack lifters make it easier to handle heavy sacks in various transport and handling processes. Tube lifters are used for palletizing, lifting and lowering or transporting sacks, ensuring greater efficiency as well as ergonomic and fatigue-free working. Schmalz vacuum-operated systems can be adjusted to sacks with different contents and weights and enable easy, quick and safe handling of heavy and unwieldy loads.

Sack Lifters for Ergonomic, Fatigue-Free Working

The sack lifters from Schmalz are known as tube lifters, which are divided into three different model types: The tube lifter JumboFlex, for example, enables lighter bags weighing up to 50 kg to be transported at high speeds, while the JumboSprint and JumboErgo models are designed for heavy loads of up to 300 kg. These two models have different operator handles: While the sack lifter is mainly recommended for large-area workpieces and is equipped with a twist grip for easy handling, the JumboSprint has a circumferential bow-shaped handle that allows the sack lifter to be precisely positioned on the sacks.

With a large selection of grippers available, the Schmalz tube lifters can be adapted to suit each workpiece and load: For example, there are special sack grippers—including round vacuum grippers with skirts for plastic sacks—as well as double and multiple vacuum grippers for all kinds of cardboard boxes. The grippers developed for sacks attach securely to the surface of the load and adapt flexibly to its shape. The support grid prevents the vacuum grippers from breaking the sack or sucking it in. The individual grippers can be changed quickly, easily and without tools.

Schmalz sack lifters: Increased productivity, fewer staff absences

Schmalz sack lifters are increasingly replacing the frequently used claw grippers and boast significantly better cycle times, simple handling and a high degree of stability and safety. The systems relieve employees of a large number of work steps and ensure fewer staff absences, higher employee motivation and less tiring work. At the same time, the use of the sack lifters ensures that the handling speed remains at a high level and does not gradually decrease, as is the case with manual handling of heavy loads. Working times can often be made even more efficient and shortened using vacuum lifters.

The Right Sack Lifter for Every Vacuum System

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